Family reunification / Invitation


Family reunification is a general name for all possible methods of legalizing family members of a Polish citizen or a foreigner legally residing in Poland. Legal Wings team members realize how important it is to have a sense of stability and a settled legal situation for our loved ones, especially after moving to another country. A family member can be joined by anyone who legally resides in Poland, has a residence card or is applying for one: a spouse in an official or unofficial “civil” marriage; native children, adopted children (including those from previous marriages, if they are dependent), parents and guardians of minor foreign refugees or persons covered by an additional protection program. Regardless of the legal situation you and your loved ones are in, our lawyers will be happy to help you legalize your  stay. Similarly to the legalization of the stay of individual persons, our assistance begins with a consultation, during which we determine what legal situation you are in. At the same time, we present a list of documents required for individual family members and explain the procedure in detail. Based on the information you provide about yourself during an in-office or online meeting, lawyers will create the basic required documents. While waiting for an appointment at the office, your task will be to complete the documents we have indicated, which we will be happy to check if necessary. In the meantime, we are always ready to answer all your questions and dispel any doubts that may arise. During your visit to the office to submit documents, you will also be accompanied by one of our team members, so knowledge of Polish is not required. We are aware that various changes may occur in your life during the process, but you do not have to worry about updating the documents submitted to the office because, if necessary, Legal Wing will do it on your behalf. From the beginning of the process to its end, which includes receiving the residence card and the decision, Legal Wings lawyers are committed and respond to all your suggestions. If you need help during your last visit to the office, during which the official will issue your card, one of our team members will also be present.