Seasonal work permits for foreigners



Are you an employer that needs employees for a specific season? Seasonal work is one of the methods of legal employment in the territory of the Republic of Poland, however, the foreigner must have a permit. Only the employer can apply for this document. Such a permit entitles the foreigner to perform work for a period not exceeding 9 months in a calendar year. The procedure for issuing such a permit differs depending on whether the foreigner resides in Poland or abroad. This seemingly simple process is in practice fraught with many complexities and nuances. The Legal Wings team of experienced lawyers is ready to carry out this procedure for you. When initiating cooperation, we will only require you to provide basic information about the position. Our lawyers perfectly understand the specific nature of working with offices and have dealt with cases of this type many times. Contact us using the contact form, e-mail address or telephone number to discuss cooperation.