Polish citizenship


Obtaining Polish citizenship is one of the most common desires of every Polish immigrant. However, not every foreigner knows that the presence of Polish origin is not necessary to obtain Polish citizenship. After all, anyone who knows their rights , obligations and opportunities on Polish territory can obtain Polish citizenship. We can help you complete all formalities in this regard. Acquiring citizenship is a lengthy process and requires a large amount of documents that we will be happy to help yo u collect. Our service covers all activities related to this procedure from the beginning to the very end. At the meeting, we will explain to you how exactly it works and provide you with a list of documents that you should prepare. When you manage to complete the basic documents, we will arrange a meeting at the office at a convenient time and accompany you to it. Should you need to submit additional documents in the meantime, or if you would like to review the file, we will do so on your behalf. If you would like to be present at these activities, we will jointly choose the date of their completion. Throughout the process, our team is ready to answer all your questions, listen to suggestions or dispel any doubts. We consider the process completed only when you obtain Polish citizenship. Therefore, your task will only be to deliver the documents to our office, we will take care of the rest.